Small. Compact. Lightweight. Modular.

Welcome to, your Model Train Table Kit manufacturer.

one building block, multiple layout options

The basic structure is build in aluminium using CNC cutted 8mm MDF top and 2mm cork cover. You get everything into one box. It's 1000mm long, 250mm width and 900mm height.



Assembly can be done in the living room on a carpet. You can multiply and connect any number of modules you want to have. Brackets with center flange allow a quick and exact mounting which is secured against torsion.


no mess, no sawdust, no drilling, no cutting

We believe the hobby is a pastime. It's recreation. You could have a very simple scenary layout, but if at the end of the day that leaves you smiling then the project is an unqualified success. We build the basis of your layout for you.

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